About Us


Riccardo Pizzimento originally started creating African motifs in precious metals in Asmara (Eritrea) where he was born. In 1977 he arrived in Sydney Australia and began creating his version of our Australian flora and fauna in pewter and from this gained experience as a wholesaler and retailer. Through the years he has improved and refined his designs to keep up with the modern market. Being a true artisan in his field, his creations have gained the attention from sportsmen, politicians, actors and corporate companies.




Riccardo’s pewter has one of the highest content of tin, the composition of the alloy is: Tin 96%, the remainder 4% is composed of Copper, Bismuth and Pure Silver.

Our pewter is LEAD FREE and is safe to use with food.

With the minimum amount of care our pewter will keep its original finish for a long time, it can be washed in warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly and dried with a soft cloth. Using a dishwasher is not recommended because of the high temperature and strong detergents, which may affect the finish.